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How can I get health insurance?

Everyone living in the Netherlands is obliged to have Dutch health insurance, even if you have insurance in your native country. This applies to everyone starting at the age of 18. Children are insured for free. It is Important that children are registered by their parents with the health insurer to receive care.

What is the cost of health insurance?

Dutch health insurance is basic insurance, which you can extend by adding additional packages. The monthly fee varies from € 90 to € 130, depending on your choices. It is your own responsibility to arrange your health insurance (within four months after registration in The Netherlands).

But as an employee of Jobpertunity, you can arrange your basic health insurance with Holland Zorg at a discount via us. If you choose this favourable possibility, we will deduct the monthly health insurance fees from your salary.

  • When you reside or work in the Netherlands, you are obliged to take out public healthcare insurance. The public healthcare insurance in the Netherlands provides cover for the most necessary care such as hospitalization, emergency help and general practitioner.

    The insurance we can arrange for you is Hollandzorg. You can also arrange it yourself at another health insurance of your choice.

  • Please check the conditions and regulations on the website of the health insurance you are insured. For Hollandzorg it can be found here.

  • There is always a possibility you need medical care whilst abroad. Information about claiming an international invoice can be found here.

  • Did you need medical treatment after you had an accident? If someone else is liable for the accident, then it may be possible to recover the loss from the other party. In that case, the medial expenses are a loss for HollandZorg, which may also be recovered from the other party by HollandZorg. Find out more here.

  • When you are insured via us you can only have basic insurance without additional insurance. If you want supplementary insurance it is only possible when you have your own health insurance and pay directly to the health insurance company. You will have to arrange that health insurance for yourself at an insurance company of your choice. If you chose to do so please send us a scan of your health insurance.

  • In some cases yes. You can find information here.

  • The S1/E106 form is a declaration that says you have Dutch health insurance and that you are therefore also entitled to medical care under the statutory regulations of your country of residence. Your country of residence has to be a treaty country however. You can obtain the E106 form from your Dutch healthcare insurer. You contact an authorised healthcare insurer in your country of residence and show the S1/E106 form. This healthcare insurer will also indicate on the S1/E106 form if you can co-insure family members. More information you can find here.

    The E108 form is a declaration that says you have Dutch health insurance and that you are therefore also entitled to medical care under the statutory regulations of your country of residence. When you stop working in the Netherlands for instance, and your Dutch health insurance terminates. The E108 form is completed by HollandZorg and sent to the healthcare insurer in your country of residence, where you previously reported with the E106 form.

Where can I find medical specialists or doctors?

If you’ve chosen the Dutch Healthcare Insurance from HollandZorg, you can find caretakers with their online search tool. You can easily find a (contracted) specialist in your residence area.

Do you need help finding a medical specialist? You can contact HollandZorg by calling +31 (0) 570 687 470.

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